Back To The Universe

This event features 3 sessions with inspiring music, songs and dance.

Session 1: UNIVERSAL Space

We will take you on a spectacular journey through space, from outside earth to our own airspace.

Session 2: UNIVERSAL Strenght

How can we make our dreams come true or overcome adversity? Learn from speakers who will share their solutions, their achievements, and their experiences on life’s challenges.

Session 3: UNIVERSAL Law

Anonymous companies and corrupt individuals hide their activities behind a shroud of mystery that makes it nearly impossible to find and hold them accountable. At TED2014, Charmian Gooch shares her brave TED Prize wish: to know who owns and controls companies, to change the law, and to launch a new era of openness in business. Expect the unexpected, as our speakers present their solutions for breaking the system of corruption and manipulation that is thriving within the local community.



In addition to this years TED wish, TEDxParamaribo proudly announces Carl Breeveld, as corruption activist, to acquire awareness and insight on corruption in our society. Carl Breeveld, was born in Paramaribo, Suriname – was elected in May 2010 to serve as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of the Republic of Suriname. Since May 2009 he is also the Chairman of the Political Party for Democracy and Development in Unity (DOE). As an activist he is involved in campaigns against corruption, use of mercury which pollute the environment, lack of ordering of our cities and noise pollution. Previously he served as Director of the NGO “Man Mit Man” in Suriname. This organisation focuses on the improvement of the societal position and responsibility of men through facilitation of training in basic skills, like parenting and leadership and executes projects and programs to empower men in both educational and moral/spiritual matters.


Sean Dilrosun guides curious nature lovers in Suriname  in Suriname. He owns a tour company called Eyes on Nature.  Dilrosun, considers himself a self-made naturalist, bird specialist, guide and amateur astronomer.  As an active member of the Stars and Planets Suriname association, Sean achieves  and mobilizes people to explore the sky and universe.


“I am currently working at the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) of Suriname and parttime lecturer at the Advanced Teachers Training Institute (IOL) in the biology department. I also freelance as a biodiversity consultant, especially in the field of primatology. The multicultural society, wich characterizes Suriname has given me the drive and motivation to study anthropology.”


In addition to translating and writing Monique became increasingly involved in environmental issues. In December 2004 she established Suriname Environmental Advisory Services NV, a company that was involved in promoting the green image of Suriname at home as well as abroad. In October 2005 she established the Charitable Foundation Green Heritage Fund Suriname which has a vision of creating a society of people that consciously work on the continuous improvement of their environment and promote a green, clean and healthy Suriname (see , and the facebook page Green Heritage Fund Suriname). Within this context Monique has become an expert in the care and rescue of sloths, anteaters and armadillos. For many years, she has also been studying the estuary of the Suriname River and the Guiana Dolphin. The dolphin monitoring and research programme has led to dolphin tourism, a sector which the Green Heritage Fund Suriname has tried to self-regulate together with the stakeholders. GHFS is currently conducting a Marine Mammal Baseline Assessment and Monitoring Plan focused on the Guiana Dolphin and the Antillean Manatee along the coast of Suriname. In 2012 Monique received her endorsement as Master Trainer in the GLOBE Hydrology Protocols, and also was trained as Climate Change Leader by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project.


“Studied Fashion design at The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Have been to Paris Fashion week, Amsterdam Fashion week and Istanbul Fashion week as an assistant with collections of a Menswear designer. After a while people asked me to design for them personally and this is how i started part time as a designer for personalized fitted clothing under the name Rem-Ko. When i moved to Suriname i started working full time in fashion. I make personalized garments and present collections fully inspired by my own ideas and I do styling. I like to see women sexy, elegant, chique, strong and playful or at least play with these elements in their clothing and styling.”


Rumi is 37 and works as a transformation coach on a personal level (adults and teenagers). For companies he works in the field of mind, body and soul. As a transformation coach, Rumi developed his own authentic concept called: ‘Inner Organisation’ which focuses on a positive work attitude and the awareness of inner knowledge and strength, thus … becoming your own inner master. Rumi teaches yoga classes with the focus on coordination of the whole body and mind system, establishing and experiencing the full awareness of the connection between mind and body, resulting in: reduced stress, and mastering your own body and mind system under duress and confronting pain. Rumi works together with professionals in self-defense. He focuses on guiding individuals (especially teenagers) spiritually in the art of self-defense.
Besides coaching, as Rumi perceived the increase in social decadence he introduced his own radio program called “Freedom Vibez”. As an concerned citizen he debates politicians about the current political system, focusing strongly on their personal integrity, the equality of civilian and government, freedom and justice. During this interactive program, he also educates the Surinamese society about the history of (tax)law, school system and other political factors that may influence our daily lives and way of thinking.


Marian Spier is organizer of TEDxAmsterdamWomen. She stood at the beginning of TEDxAmsterdam, where she is also Vice President of the TedxAmsterdam Foundation. She works as a creative producer for the international organization Marian has organized several TEDx events in Northern Europe. Now she is the business director of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Film Festival.


Ingway Dizzy Sabajo

Started dancing at the age of 15. Nowadays he is a Break dancer with an international reputation and he has won several dance battles in Suriname and abroad. Besides dancing, Ingway is also a graffiti- and tattoo artist and he is teaching Break dance and Graffiti at ArtLab.

DareyAnn Louisville

Dancing since the age of seven, she is trying to be the best dancer she can be! DareyAnn has years of experience in Classical Ballet and Street dance (both dancing and teaching), but she is also skilled in other styles. Besides dancing, she loves to draw and play the piano. DareyAnn is teaching both modern and classical dance at ArtLab.

Daryl Kraag

When seeing Ingway performing 4 years ago, Daryl decided to be a break dancer too. Nowadays he is a Break Dancer but also a student at Natin and substitute teacher Break dance and Graffiti at ArtLab. His device: “There is nothing better than to move on music”.

Together we are THE X.

Because we possess that special element (the “X-factor”) that distinguishes us from others. We are a young, multidisciplinary dance group with a passion for our craft. Together, we showcase different styles such as breakdance, new style hiphop, locking and fusion, and we undoubtedly bring something unique to the dance world. The ‘X’ is part of and has been founded with the support of ArtLab.