At the beginning of the year TEDxParamaribo issued its Fashion Design Challenge for designers in Suriname to create a dress, a bag or a hat from recycled materials. Their prize would be a personalized coaching track with professional designer Remko Sintmaartensdijk, culminating in a fashion show during the next TEDxParamaribo event.

The 6 finalist announced in March worked very hard to prepare their next creations under Remko’s guidance. The finalists showed their creations on may 29th, at TEDxParamariboWomen, in Courtyard by Marriott.


The winning fashion designers were Regina Chin, Chavelli Sanradji, Tifen Akobe, Reshma Ramcharan, Cheryll Sanradji and Mredith Joeroeja.

De Fashion Design Challenge was led by fashion designer Remco Sintmaartensdijk and Jewelry designer Warda Marica, and was sponsored by the State Oil Foundation.

The Regina Chin Collection

Created from old tires and vinyl Records.

The Cheryll Sanradji Collection

Created from discarded PET water bottles.

The Tifen Akoebe Collection

Created from old hammocks.

The Chavelli Sanradji Collection

Created from old T-shirts.

The Meredith Joeroeja Collection

Created from used matresses.

The Reshma Ramcharan Collection

Created from empty gear oil cans.

The Warda Marica Collection

Created from plastic bags.


Fashion designer Remko Sintmaartensdijk and jewelry designer Warda Marica