Speaker: Carl Breeveld
Topic: Do I love corruption?
Time: 14:29 min

In addition to this years TEDwish, TEDxParamaribo proudly announces Carl Breeveld, as anti-corruption activist, to acquire awareness and insight on corruption in our society.

Carl Breeveld, – born in Paramaribo, Suriname – was elected in May 2010 to serve as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of the Republic of Suriname. As an activist he is involved in campaigns against corruption, use of mercury which pollute the environment, lack of ordering of our cities and noise pollution.
Previously he served as Director of the interdenominational Men’s Ministry Man Mit Man in Suriname. This organization focuses on the improvement of the societal position and responsibility of men through facilitation of training in basic skills, like parenting and leadership and executes projects and programs to empower men in both educational and moral/spiritual matters.