Speaker: Monique Pool
Topic: Of Sloths and Women
Time: 14:25 min

Monique teaches us about the unique way sloths live, learn and care. As a volunteer she works many hours to help, understand and nurse these animals who were brought to her injured on the street or elsewhere.

In addition to translating and writing Monique became increasingly involved in environmental issues. In December 2004 she established Suriname Environmental Advisory Services NV, a company that was involved in promoting the green image of Suriname at home as well as abroad. In October 2005 she established the Charitable Foundation Green Heritage Fund Suriname which has a vision of creating a society of people that consciously work on the continuous improvement of their environment and promote a green, clean and healthy Suriname. Within this context Monique has become an expert in the care and rescue of sloths, anteaters and armadillos. For many years, she has also been studying the estuary of the Suriname River and the Guiana Dolphin. The dolphin monitoring and research programme has led to dolphin tourism, a sector which the Green Heritage Fund Suriname has tried to self-regulate together with the stakeholders. GHFS is currently conducting a Marine Mammal Baseline Assessment and Monitoring Plan focused on the Guiana Dolphin and the Antillean Manatee along the coast of Suriname. In 2012 Monique received her endorsement as Master Trainer in the GLOBE Hydrology Protocols, and also was trained as Climate Change Leader by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project.